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What Makes a Good Self-Defense Instructor?

I've taken a lot of self-defense classes over the years. I've taken gun classes, knife classes, pepper spray classes, and more physical self-defense classes than you could shake a stick at. Some were absolutely incredible! Some were...less so. And that's probably the nature of any topic you decided to really make a study of; there's good, bad, and anywhere in between. But it can make it really challenging if you're new to self-defense and you're looking for a good, effective class. I'll probably catch some flak for saying this, but the field of self-defense can actually be quite cliquey and even borderline snobbish. There are a lot of instructors out there who believe they have the one

Men are Victims "Too"

I've been working in the field of violence against women in one form or another for twenty years now. And one of the biggest pet peeves I have is the "Men can be victims 'too'." Now, make no mistake - men absolutely can be victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and it's a very serious issue that deserves attention. I worked with many male victims over the years; I believed every one of them just like I would a female victim, I took them just as seriously, and I cared about what they were going through just like I did my female clients. They were real people in real pain, and they deserved the very best services and care that I could provide. The problem I'm having is the "too".