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Be A Weapon!

What do you need to know about weapons, and what are the best ways to keep yourself safe?

SelfDefenseGrrl Gets Political

Although I'm a rabidly political gal, I've tried to keep that stuff primarily to my personal page, and have the Women's Self-Defense Initiative social media pages stay neutral. That ALL women deserve to be free from violence - whether they're a full-blown raging liberal like myself, a hardcore right-wing conservative, or anywhere in-between - is central to my mission. I don't want my political views to alienate someone who desperately needs me. But I can't stay silent any longer; my silence makes me complicit, and I cannot stand by idly while families are torn apart and the lives of children are destroyed. What's going on right now in our country? During a six week period in April and M

Supporting Your LGBTQ Friends

Welcome to June! After the long, dreary winter (and the nearly non-existent spring!) I wasn't sure we were ever going to make it to summer! Among many other terrific things going on this month, June is also LGBTQ Pride Month! So let me first address the elephant in the room, because you know you're going to hear it from some clown somewhere. "Why don't we get a 'straight pride month'?" Ugh. The answer is quite simple; because EVERY month is "straight pride month"! Being straight is the default. Whenever someone shares with me that they are gay, I'm always surprised. Not surprised like horrified; just a general "Oh, that never even occurred to me!" surprised. I'm straight, and everyw