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On the Upcoming Presidential Election

I have historically stayed away from political discussions here because my main goal is helping all women stay safe from violence and I can't do that if I alienate a large number of them. It's precisely because I care, though, that I'm speaking out. My hope is that all of you know me well enough, and respect me enough, to know that I have the best of intentions when I ask you seriously to please not vote for Donald Trump. There are multiple reasons for my stance, and this is a pretty long post! But I hope you'll take the time to read it and at least think about it. As we know from our discussions about how to recognize abusers before getting involved with them, it's not about a single re

Great Relationships

I spend a lot of time talking about abusive relationships. I try to educate people on the dynamics of abuse, how to spot abusers, how to get out of an abusive relationship... So I thought maybe it's time to put a little focus on healthy relationships. It was a recent trip to Taco Tico that made me really think about this. In 2018, my folks both got cancer. (Those crazy kids loved doing everything together!) It was a long haul for everyone. In July of 2019, just shortly after their 48th anniversary, Ma passed away. Dad is gradually getting better, but there's still a lot of appointments. After a doctor appointment, we always like to go out to eat. And Dad will pick Taco Tico every tim