Personal Protection Party/Empower Hour

Host an Empower Hour where you and your guests can learn all about pepper spray, stun guns, kubatons, home and auto security, personal alarms, online security options, conceal and carry purses, etc.  There's even products to help you work with your children on safety issues!  We've all had a good time at our friends' parties; Tupperware, Norwex, Pampered Chef.... Now you can get together with your pals, and know that you're doing something to keep them safe.  One hour could save a life! 

Want to look through a catalog?  Click HERE.

Warrior Workshop

Get in touch with your inner warrior!  Learn about layers of protection, find your assertive voice, and build up muscle memory as you practice with kubatons, pepper sprays, and stun guns.  You and your friends will have the option to purchase whichever weapons you love the best!

Private Self-Defense Class

We have an awesome training space, so you can get together with a group of your friends and learn all about your self-defense options!  We will cover all kinds of information on predators; then we move on to learning about situational awareness, assertiveness skills and boundaries, verbal defensive skills, and physical presence.  We will wrap up learning a variety of physical self-defense techniques that are easy to learn and easy to use.

Class runs an average of two hours.  We request a minimum of six participants.

Class cost:  $20/person.  

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